Monday, 19 December 2016

2017 is looking like a fab year in terms of my graphic novel work - the culmination of about 5 years of a really, really hard effort.
• DRYLAND BOOK ONE has just been released by Markosia [order here: ]
• TALES OF THE SMITHS is set for a Spring/ Summer worldwide release by Omnibus Press,
• REBEL REBEL is being serialised online twice a week at
Love, peace and harmony!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

DRYLAND Book One Video trailer

Video trailer
Starting this week at and every Wed and Fri.
From Con Chrisoulis, the creator of Tales of The Smiths, comes this series of biographical graphic novels which narrate the violent deaths of the author's ancestors in Interwar rural Greece.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Con Chrisoulis MTV interview regarding Tales of The Smiths

I was interviewed for MTV's show 'Summer in the City' on the making of my graphic novel, Tales of The Smiths, my early beginnings in comics and future plans.
The show was aired multiple times on MTV Greece during the month of July 2014.

More comics/music/art by Con Chrisoulis:

Thursday, 30 May 2013

TALES OF THE SMITHS #194: Holidays in the Sun pt8

My daily series on The Smiths has reached 194 episodes! Hurray!

Holidays in the Sun pt8

Hairdresser on Fire Vs. The Lazy Sunbather

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Morrissey sunbathing in the USA

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Con @14th Athens International Comics Festival

The 14th Athens International Comics Festival (1-11 November) is starting today!
Although I won't be able to make it personally, due to obligations in the UK, I'm taking part with an original 19-pager comic for the festival's group exhibition and my stuff can also be seen in SoComic's booth. If you're in Athens, this is the event of the month. Be there or be square!

Cool stuff you can check out there:
///David Lloyd (co-creator of V for Vendetta) visiting tonight and on Saturday as a special guest with in exclusive original art exhibition!
///Vasilis Lolos' installation on the 4th floor called Electronomicon 2121 (includes Blade Runner atmospherics, personal art on the walls, limited edition comics and his own music blasting through the PA)!

AICF 2012

Sunday, 7 October 2012

TALES OF THE SMITHS @Comic Book Resources' ROBOT 6

Comic Book Resources' column, Robot 6, just wrote an article on my Tales of The Smiths online comic book series!
Hell yeah yeah yeah!

Click HERE to read it!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tales of The Smiths

///// My new graphic novel, Tales of The Smiths, examining and narrating the (very) Early Years of the lives of seminal indie band, The Smiths, is now being serialised and published daily online at starting early September 2012!

/////The episodes are in English and Greek and will continue daily
///// If you dig the series, please 'Share' and 'Like' the episodes from the SoComic site itself
///// If you wish to read previous episodes, click onto this 'Tales of The Smiths' tag on the SoComic site

///// Also, check out this promo video that I made for my The Tales of The Smiths biography:

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dryland Book One///Chapter One

I have just self-published my comic book ‘Dryland Book One Chapter One’, which will also feature a ‘Tales of The Smiths’ backup story! 
The comic will debut at the Kapow Comic Convention in London (where the biggest names in comics from Marvel, DC, Dark horse etc will be attending) from Saturday 19 May to Sunday 20 May 2012.
I have a table in the Artists Alley, Level 2, Booth 188 which I’ll be sharing with Steve Silverwood of Upside Comics and I’ll be selling/signing/drawing ‘Dryland’ the whole weekend long!
For more info, click the below HERE
Dryland Book One///Chapter One is available now on my online webstore (along with a limited edition poster and an edition that includes a sketch of the characters)!
Support your local indie artist, yo! 
Purchase Dryland@Con Chrisoulis’ online webstore

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

autobio comic - 09 Aug 2011 - A tragicomical tribute to Amy Winehouse drawn on 12 Aug 2009

A tragicomical tribute to Amy Winehouse.
It just dawned upon me that I hadn't uploaded anything in yonks, so fittingly I thought I'd submit this autobio comic that I drew exactly 2 years ago after passing through the lanes of Exarchia.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

This year's Comicdom Con Athens has already come up, so I guess, as always, I'll be @ Jemma Press' booth at the lobby of the Greek-American Union (Ellinoamerikaniki Enosi)Massalias 22, Athens, signing away for all you desperate fanboys...

I will be presenting/signing my new (?) comicbook, the reprint of the out-of-print, awarded "Giant-Size Fascists #1" , its sequel "Giant-Size Fascists ConMix Extravaganza" , the "AUTODIVINE" EP, which I illustrated and performed on.

These are the days and hours that I'll be there:
Friday 16 April 20:00-22:00
Saturday 17 April 20:00-22:00
Sunday 18 April 18:00-20:00

Also, I will be attending the panel "Comparative anatomy in historical Comicbook Tissue" comparative-anatomy-in-historical-comic-book-tissue which means that me and a bunch of other fine comicartists will be drawing live infront of a crowd inspired by some of the original art pieces (from the history of comics) that will be exhibited at the Comicon Con.
This will take place on Saturday 17th April @19:00 (at the Theatre of the Greek-Hellenic Union).

On another note, I've also taken part with a 4page autobio comics story about my mate Vicky in the comicbook/artbook anthology "At the Drive-Ink", which features stories/illustrated lyrics from comicbook artists and other artistes influenced by the legendary greek garage band "The Last Drive".. That will be also presented officially at the Comicdom Con (at the publisher's booth, "TILT, which'll be right next to Jemma's booth-- so, if you go there, drop by to say hi!)

See you at the Con,


Monday, 6 April 2009

Giant-Size Fascists #2 and


Giant-Size Fascists ConMix Extravaganza, published by Jemma Press,the sequel to -my probably most successful comicbook to date- "Giant-Size Fascists" is out now!

It consists of 48 full colour pages collecting all the "Giant-Size Fascists" episodes (plus many, many bonus pages, like pseudo comics ads and so on) that were published monthly in the Greek magazine "Galera" from 2007-08.

The official premiere will be held at the Comicdom Con in Athens (Ellinoamerikaniki Enosi, Massalias Street, Athens) Saturday 11 April (20:00-22:00) and Sunday 12 April (18:00-22:00) where I'll be signing copies of the comicbook, at the Jemma Press booth, for all the poor buggers that bought it!

I'll also be participating in a group exhibition at the con, in which I'll be depicting my own rendition of a classic superhero...
has been updated and the whole site has been totally redesigned, so enter to check out my band's latest news / photos / videos etc


Buy the comicbook already, fanboy!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

an old autobio comic

autobio comic done on the 21st January 2005..
ever since then, the restaurant that we ate in, "Food Company", has moved from, uber-kitsch/posh area, Kolonaki to dirt ridden, yet more relaxed area, Exarchia (thank goodness), yet our friend Dimitris Lalas still works there..
highly recommended (and cheap as hell)!

an old autobio comic

autobio from 16th january 2006..
ever since then, I've realised that doing comics in Greece will never, ever, help you earn a buck, so I got a daytime job and yet I still always, but always, wake up late for work..

an old autobio comic

autobio comic done on Rizla tobacco rolling papers wrapping in January 2005..
still doodle on them darn things!

an old autobio comic

an autobio comic I did on the 14th January 2005..

we still hold these gatherings..

and everyone still falls asleep!

an old autobio comic

old autobio strip done on the 13th January 2005..
it was actually drawn in the English class that I taught in (you can see some test results on top of it)-- students were supposed to be writing a test while I drew this..
what a bum!

an old autobio comic

an old autobio comic done on the 7th February 2005..
just looking at this piece feels really weird these days..

an old autobio comic

a comic strip (?) I did on the 2nd February 2005..
not so long ago, and yet so far..

an old autobio comic

old autobio strip published in Greek newpaper "Paraskevi+13" (Friday the 13th) in 2006..
what can I say?

an old autobio comic

old autobio pic that is so darn old (12 January 2005) that every single person sitting by that table, but for myself, is going out with someone else..

an old autobio comic

old autobio strip published in Greek newpaper "Paraskevi+13" (Friday the 13th) on the 7th July 2006
All cameras should be smashed to pieces..

an impression of Patission Avenue, Athens

although I did this back in 2005, I still love Patission Ave, even though it remains a filth ridden colourless street..

an old autobio comic

2005 Memory Lane Traffic Jam...
this is a panel from a comicbook story I did for the "Sapilla" comicbook in 2005..

an old autobio comic

old autobio comic from 23 January 2005..
experimenting in Photoshop with the "egg shaped" characters..
fun, but really time consuming!

an old autobio comic

old autobio comic from 22 January 2005..

so much has changed since then..

I actually formed a band called "autodivine" and still have the KISS fixation! ha!

an old autobio comic

old autobio strip published in Greek newpaper "Paraskevi+13" (Friday the 13th) on the 9th June 2006..
one year later and I'm still broke...

an old autobio comic

old autobio strip published in Greek newpaper "Paraskevi+13" (Friday the 13th) on the 1st June 2006

Eurovision still sux, and KISS, though merchandising whores, rule the universe!

an old autobio comic

autobio strip published in the Greek newspaper "Paraksevi+13" (Friday the 13th) on 1st June 2006..


what can I say..

I have a disturbing Stallone fixation ..

Rocky balboa, his latest flick, kinda depressed me..

he looked worse than he did in Copland, and yet still tried to act the part..

poor bugger

an old autobio comic

an old autobio comic published on the 16th September 2005 in the Greek newspaper "Paraskevi+13" (Friday the 13th)

I still have a love/hate relationship with every single bar in Athens (and I totally despise the new, hip and totally boring Avramiotou St. bars)

an old autobio comic

autobio comic from 2005..
this is huge.. I apologise!

an old autobio comic

old 2005 autobio pic
I pretty much despise video games, and besides my mobile phones' and the Game Gear's, I hardly play any at all..
they're a total waste of time & creativity, at least to me..
but I could be wrong..
(oh, a few years ago I played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at a cousin's house, and, OK, it just rules... so I'm probably just worried that I'll get hooked or something)

an old autobio comic

old autobio commentary from 2005..
I've still got the same fixation..

an old autobio comic

before settling with our current bass player, Vicky, my band, autodivine, was looking for a bass player and we'd tried a few guys out..
Helm, a fellow comicbook artist, didn't exactly want to join a 24/7 band but was fun to be around, when he wasn't all that serious..
Vasilis Ntzounis is my songwriting partner in autodivine.. terribly fun guy to the day...

an old autobio comic

old autobio comic from 2005..

Athens still reeks of shit

an old autobio comic

old autobio comic from 2005..
what can I say?
that's gas for you!

an old autobio comic

a very old autobio comic from 2005..

daphne still kicks ass!

an old autobio comic

old 2005 autobio comic..
these days I wash more regularly...

an old autobio comic

old 2005 autobio comic..
so much has changed since then..
(still, my motorcycle kicks ass as always)-- haha!

an old autobio comic

old 2005 autobio comic
I've pretty much quit eating cereal since then..
I've realised that breakfast is a major factor in my gaining weight.. (weird-- but hey, that's metabolism for you!)

an old autobio comic

terribly old autobio comic from 2005!

an old autobio comic

some stuff about me, I guess, from the year 2005..

I pretty much haven't changed anything (other than the shades-- that broke, darn it)

an old autobio comic

another autobio comic from 2005!

an old autobio comic

another autobio comic from 2005!