Monday, 6 April 2009

Giant-Size Fascists #2 and


Giant-Size Fascists ConMix Extravaganza, published by Jemma Press,the sequel to -my probably most successful comicbook to date- "Giant-Size Fascists" is out now!

It consists of 48 full colour pages collecting all the "Giant-Size Fascists" episodes (plus many, many bonus pages, like pseudo comics ads and so on) that were published monthly in the Greek magazine "Galera" from 2007-08.

The official premiere will be held at the Comicdom Con in Athens (Ellinoamerikaniki Enosi, Massalias Street, Athens) Saturday 11 April (20:00-22:00) and Sunday 12 April (18:00-22:00) where I'll be signing copies of the comicbook, at the Jemma Press booth, for all the poor buggers that bought it!

I'll also be participating in a group exhibition at the con, in which I'll be depicting my own rendition of a classic superhero...
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Buy the comicbook already, fanboy!

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