Tuesday, 13 April 2010

This year's Comicdom Con Athens has already come up, so I guess, as always, I'll be @ Jemma Press' booth at the lobby of the Greek-American Union (Ellinoamerikaniki Enosi)Massalias 22, Athens, signing away for all you desperate fanboys...

I will be presenting/signing my new (?) comicbook, the reprint of the out-of-print, awarded "Giant-Size Fascists #1" , its sequel "Giant-Size Fascists ConMix Extravaganza" , the "AUTODIVINE" EP, which I illustrated and performed on.

These are the days and hours that I'll be there:
Friday 16 April 20:00-22:00
Saturday 17 April 20:00-22:00
Sunday 18 April 18:00-20:00

Also, I will be attending the panel "Comparative anatomy in historical Comicbook Tissue" comparative-anatomy-in-historical-comic-book-tissue which means that me and a bunch of other fine comicartists will be drawing live infront of a crowd inspired by some of the original art pieces (from the history of comics) that will be exhibited at the Comicon Con.
This will take place on Saturday 17th April @19:00 (at the Theatre of the Greek-Hellenic Union).

On another note, I've also taken part with a 4page autobio comics story about my mate Vicky in the comicbook/artbook anthology "At the Drive-Ink", which features stories/illustrated lyrics from comicbook artists and other artistes influenced by the legendary greek garage band "The Last Drive".. That will be also presented officially at the Comicdom Con (at the publisher's booth, "TILT, which'll be right next to Jemma's booth-- so, if you go there, drop by to say hi!)

See you at the Con,


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